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Why do the Oligarchs Try to Demonize Bongbong Marcos like his Father?


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Elena Grace Flores

The oligarchs hate leaders like the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos Sr. is an anti-oligarch during his regime. It was when the Philippines is rich but the oligarchs suffer. Influential families like the Aquinos demonize him as a “Dictator.” They ride into the EDSA mutiny. Convert it as people’s revolution through media propaganda to overthrow him.  Marcos and his rule become so black, that overshadow his accomplishments. To date, the political prostitute of such powerful faction even has the nerve to tell Bongbong  Marcos to refrain from filing a motion. This is after riding on his ballot decryptions without paying a single cent. The VP recount is due in February 2018. Filipinos must know this scenario to understand why the Marcos detractors have to taint his whole family as the tyrant, corrupt, and inhuman they portray their patriarch to be.

Youtube Video by Christopher Familoan

[VIDEO]: This video clarifies why the oligarchs in the Philippines hate President Rodrigo Roa Du30.

Oligarchs versus Du30

Many of the Filipinos are brainwashed by these oligarchs. They reign during the terms of the Aquinos. This paves the way for selective economic progress, widespread criminality, illegal drugs trade, and corruption. Until now, these bias media are still in existence to attack and destroy the same type of leader as the late Marcos in the person of President Du30.

Demonization of the Marcoses

There is a practical reason for Marcos’ demonization. It was a major project by both the Communist Party of the Philippines and the oligarchy. This advanced their respective agendas. The communists’ objective was to expand the organization and get sympathizers in a country which is extremely anti-communist. The only way to achieve that was to portray the Marcos regime as a ruthless, fascist state. They are doing it again with the Du30 administration.

Why Include Bongbong Marcos?

Why would the oligarchs want to demonize Bongbong Marcos also? By doing so, it can conceal the greedy class rule if they can prevent the return of the bloodline of their number one enemy. It prevents people from looking at the real basic problems of the nation if no leader can emerge who knows the real score, which is the oligarchs’ unequal hold over productive assets.

Caution to President Du30

President Du30 once referred to oligarchs as the nation’s problem. He seems to have a good grip on the country’s situation. However, as powerful as they can be, he knows that Bongbong Marcos can do better to balance their interests for the welfare of the country as a whole. That’s why their detractors are trying to do everything they can to block this.

Helped by communists, oligarchs demonized Marcos to conceal their rule