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OSG – PCGG Battle is about the Marcoses’ Wealth Management


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

PCGG was created in 1986 to go after the ill-gotten wealth during the Marcos regime. It opposes the OSG’s statement that supports legislative bills at the House of Representatives that would abolish the agency. These bills that seek to consolidate the functions of the PCGG and the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel (OGCC) with the mandate of the OSG are not taken lightly. There is definitely some sort of an OSG – PCGG battle on the Marcoses’ wealth management issues. Will the PCGG be abolished?

Youtube video from; PTV
[VIDEO]: COA, hiniling sa PCGG na hanapin ang anim na mamahaling paintings ng pamilya Marcos

Not Irrelevant?

Reynold Munsayac, PCGG Chairman insists that; “there is no basis for the OSG’s insistence that the PCGG has rendered itself irrelevant, and that the consolidation of the PCGG’s function with the OSG will promote government efficiency and enhance government efforts to recover ill-gotten wealth and prosecute cases,” he said.

Collection Justification

Since its creation, the Commission remits P170 billion to the Bureau of Treasury. It turns over P70 billion for the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program. It raises P10 billion to pay alleged human rights abuses during the Marcos regime. These collections can be considered as a one-term deal. They are not anymore the priorities of the new administration.

Conflict of Interest

PCGG denies that there are overlapping of functions with the OSG. They did not act as lawyers for the government in the cases against the Marcoses. But investigated and managed seized assets.

New Direction?

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II supports the proposal’s provision that makes the OSG an autonomous agency attached to the Office of the President. OSG should continue to be an agency attached to the DOJ because it is the main law agency of the government.

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