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Pacquiao on Mining: Precious Metals are Given to Us but must Not Destroy the Earth


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Manny Pacquiao might not speak perfect English but he often speaks more sense than many senators. A Born-Again Christian, the boxer-senator attends the confirmation hearing of Environment Secretary Gina Lopez. He just echoes her firm stand against mining that is harmful to the environment.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: The Bible allows “responsible mining,” Senator Manny Pacquiao said Thursday, as he argued that mining should be allowed as long is it follows the law.

A Reading from the Bible

Pacquiao quotes Deuteronomy Chapter 8, verses 7 to 9 which says God gave a man “good land” with rich streams, rivers, and valleys, and “you can dig copper out of the hills.” Clearly, digging in search of these precious metals is not wrong but men should be responsible enough not to destroy the environment, explains Pacquiao.


Pacquiao insinuates that there’s probably a need to balance things out in the mining industry. Lopez also should help mines to comply with their requirement deficiencies rather than close them down at once. However, Lopez is insistent in blocking mining activities in areas near bodies of water. She also gets the president’s support by saying that the country can live without the mining industry.

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Connected to Nature

The Pocahontas theme song says it all – that people are connected with nature. We have to take care of the Earth, nature, the environment, because we are all connected. Our lives are connected with nature, said Pacquiao.

Is Gina Lopez in Trouble?

Lopez also has the political will just like the president. However, in her current position, it is important to weight things out. Instead of totally stopping mining companies that are already operating in areas that can bring pollution to nearby streams or seas, she must come up with guidelines to protect the environment. By doing so, she is also doing a favor to miners and laborers of the industry. After all, it is not easy to provide alternative jobs to these people who are born mining their way out. She might soften the hearts of the Commission on Appointments members if she is a bit more considerate to the people and investors.

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