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Pacquiao’s Death Penalty Speech brought Nervousness in the Senate covered up by Laughter


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Manny Pacquiao had his first ever privilege speech last August 8 highlighting his proposed reinstatement of the death penalty. A follow up question as to what his preferred mode of death penalty is was asked by Senate Majority Leader Vicente “Tito” Sotto III. Choices were – lethal injection, hanging, or firing squad.

Pacquiao would live the answer to the Congress to decide but when pressed more by Sotto since other means are expensive, he opted for hanging or firing squad. He also joked that with hanging, they can just say that the chair has fallen. The remarks sent most senators to laughter.

However, it was not funny for Senator Francis Pangilinan. He corrected the gestures by calling out his colleagues for making fun in deciding for the way how to end other people’s lives. He acknowledged however that the topic made everyone nervous and the laughter made the ice broke.

The good thing with Pacquiao was, he immediately apologized for his mistake instead of arguing further.


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