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Bongbong Marcos Details Caguioa’s Unfair Election Protest Resolutions


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Elena Grace Flores

Liberal Party senators criticise Bongbong Marcos for questioning the credibility of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal. They refer to the misleading headlines saying that he accuses PET of being unfair in his election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo. In actuality, he solely questions Associate Justice Alfred Benjamin Caguioa‘s  specific resolutions. Marcos has been consistent that he won the VP race even right after the election and now that the recount is fast-approaching in February 2018.

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[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos: ‘I have won’

LP Senators Listen to Misleading Media

LP president Senator Francis Pangilinan thinks that it is not good to question PET. Especially for unfavorable decision for Marcos. LP vice president Senator Franklin Drilon also said that he must learn to accept the PET’s ruling. Senator Bam Aquino added that it is unfair for Marcos to cast doubt on the PET’s integrity. Supreme Court justices compose it.

Unfair Rulings on Election Protest

Bongbong Marcos discloses that Associate Justice Alfred Benjamin Caguioa issues “unfair” rulings on his ongoing electoral case against Robredo. Marcos said that Caguioa releases “disappointing” resolutions to her benefit. The case of Marcos was raffled to Caguioa. The justice was the last appointee of former President Benigno Aquino III. The Supreme Court sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal.

Tight Deadline

Marcos laments that his camp has to produce 8,000 witnesses within five days. The action seeks to nullify the election results in Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, and Basilan. He claims that the voters were subjected to terrorism, intimidation, and harassment.  The PET reiterates in that Marcos needs to comply with its earlier order to submit all the names of the witnesses after only giving a partial list. Marcos complied with 7,356 more names on October 9 after losing sleep. This resolution is set aside so far.

Non or Delayed Payment

Marcos also points out that the tribunal directs him to produce a P36-million protest fee in just two days during Holy Week. Robredo’s counter-protest against Marcos is not yet fully paid until at present. Marcos paid the first P36 million on April 17, 2017, Easter Monday. On top of that, the recent ruling to allow Robredo to avail of the decrypted ballot copies without paying a cent is hard to ignore. To dismiss the technical examination of the voters’ signatures in questionable areas also made it impossible to have the basis to nullify illegal votes.

Bongbong Marcos Demands Fairness in the Election Protest, Calls for PET Chairmanship Change

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Macalintal Cannot Believe Bongbong Marcos’ Victory Claim as he Refuses to Run for Senator in 2019


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Elena Grace Flores

VP Leni Robredo’s lawyer, Romulo Macalintal cannot believe it when Bongbong Marcos said; “I don’t see any reason why I would change my mind. Why would I run for senator, I already won as vice president.” Marcos vows to  “finish”   his electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo. Macalintal disputes this because according to him, nobody wins yet after a recount. They will just tally what the machines generate, he said. Perhaps, Marcos is dreaming, he added.

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[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos, tatapusin ang electoral protest vs Robredo

Presidential Endorsement

Marcos is certain that he would stand by his decision even if the President endorses him, or if he would be included in the slate of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban). That won’t stop him from pursuing the protest.” There seems to be some kind of understanding between Du30 and Marcos. It is remembered that President Du30 wants him to concentrate on his protest. The Filipino leader also told Marcos to trust him on this.

Election Protest Recount in February

The manual recounts are the actual counting of the ballots in comparison to the tallies from the server. This is contrary to Macalintal’s description that it is just a mere digital tabulation. Perhaps, he was caught by surprise when Marcos shows extreme confidence that he is the real winner of the VP race in 2016.

No for Senator 2019

To the dismay of the Robredo camp, Marcos does not follow the footsteps of his late running-mate, former Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, and Senator Loren Legarda. They both ran for their Senate seats, thus abandoning their respective electoral protests.

The Quest for the Real VP

Marcos, on the other hand, is more concerned about knowing the real results of the VP elections in 2016. He is also determined more than ever find out the real winner. He is not quitting and ready enough to pursue the case especially now that he has the support of most Filipinos – that is very obvious via the social media.

‘I am not running for Senate in 2019’ – Bongbong Marcos

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Bongbong Marcos: Martial Law Compensation is the Government’s Jurisdiction


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Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos earlier said in an interview with CNN’s The Source, that it has been the family’s intention to settle cases regarding the wealth of his late father. However, when it comes to the alleged Martial Law Human Rights victims’ claims, it’s the government’s jurisdiction. Recently, the court denied claimants of the $2-billion (P100-billion) compensation they have been asking from the government.


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[VIDEO]: CA, kinatigan ang pagbasura sa petisyon ng Martial Law victims na ibigay sa kanila ang $2-B

Compensation Using Sequestered Wealth

The government is working on awarding compensation to claimants using the $10 billion in Marcos wealth awarded by the Swiss Federal Supreme Court in 1997. This was the account transferred to the Philippine treasury by the Swiss Federal Court in 2004. This follows after the Supreme Court here ordered to forfeit the Marcos family’s Swiss deposits in 2003.

$2 Billion Motion Lacks Merit

Thousands of human rights victims under the rule of former President Ferdinand Marcos are again denied of the $2-billion (P100-billion) compensation they have been asking from the government. The Court of Appeals in its January 3 decision junked the martial law victims’ motion for reconsideration of their claim, for lack of merit. In its July 7 decision, the Court of Appeals rules that the 1995  U.S. Hawaii District Court $2 billion award for damages to the alleged 10,000 victims of human rights abuses under the Marcos’ regime cannot be enforced in the Philippines. The Makati Regional Trial Court said the same thing in 2013.

PCGG Knows Better

The only son of the late President Marcos stresses that with regards to the overall amount of these cases, PCGG ex-chairman Andres Bautista knows better. The former Senator also said that the government can have what they can find.  He suggests asking ex-PCGG Chairman Andres Bautista to account what they have sequestered. He floats the idea that the Chair deposited some big money in small rural banks under the watch of his allies.

Cases Over 30 Years

Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) Acting chairperson Reynold Munsayac reveals 282 pending cases against the Marcos family and cronies. Bongbong Marcos believes that these are dragged for over 30 years now due to political reasons. These cases must be settled with the cooperation of all parties involved. Although, he rejects the idea of immunity because he’s not the accused here. It’s also a case of double jeopardy if the heirs face a criminal trial. Double jeopardy is a defense that prevents the accused from another trial on the same charges and on the same facts after a valid acquittal or conviction. It’s the settlement in the case of the Marcoses.

Bongbong Marcos’ Reply on How Much Wealth the Family is Willing to Settle?

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Hontiveros Aims to Discredit Du30 on No Election, Bongbong Marcos on Wealth Issues


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Senator Risa Hontiveros questions the “sudden talks” on a no election scenario in 2019. She stresses on Du30’s term extension with Du30’s Federalism goal. The proposal to enter into a compromise deal on the alleged ill-gotten Marcos wealth also did not escape her prying eyes. She said that the government tries to measure the public by “mind conditioning” that her political party is famous for. Meanwhile, Bongbong Marcos explains that the compromise deal by the late Ferdinand Marcos estate’s lawyer, Oliver Lozano got nothing to do with him. He doesn’t need immunity because he has no particular case on this issue.

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[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos said that immunity is not necessary for him because he’s never accused of anything.

No Election Scenario, Wealth Issues

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez floats the idea of a no election scenario.  Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III also said that it is possible to extend Du30’s term with the federal form of government if necessary. However, the administration’s spokesperson clarifies this by reminding the public that the President is looking forward to retiring very soon. This even worries his detractors more because the likely successor is Bongbong Marcos when he wins his electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo. Thus, the reason for the wealth issues to resurface.

Hontiveros vs. Social Media

Hontiveros further said the Du30 government tries to push its “twisted political projects” with the help of fake news. Hontiveros recalls the President’s “revolutionary government” threat. Then, dismiss his own idea days later. The LP members even made a media stunt to call on Facebook. They assume that it supports Du30’s campaigns. Not to realize that the people’s passion is the ultimate component of a news to become viral.

LP Street Protest

This quote from the bewildered Senator just proves how out of tune she is with current events: “If anything, this regime bows to strong public opinion and pressure. Let our voices be heard. Let us show our strength in the streets. The fear of public opinion by authoritarian leaders points to the potential of our voices as a force of good. We must not be intimidated and silenced,” Hontiveros said.

Hitting Two Birds in One Go but to no Avail

The Senator can only frustrate herself. Despite the success of the old LP black propaganda on cha-cha against former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, it’s not working. Then, the revival of the alleged hidden wealth versus the late President Ferdinand Marcos to hopefully discredit the son, but still, LP fake news-makers cannot nail down President Du30 and Bongbong Marcos. The irony is, they blame social media for their own wrongdoings. This clearly shows their ignorance of its functionality which is a big shame for politicians in their rank.

Why is the Bongbong Marcos – Du30 Governance Good for the Country?

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Anti-Du30-Bongbong Marcos Stalwarts are Alarmed by Federal Constitution Switch


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A federal constitution sets up a country’s system of federalism. Whereas Federalism is a political process in which the national government and the local governments (states or provinces) each have own jurisdictions as mandated by the constitution. Bongbong Marcos explains it prior to the current update. Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III recently discloses that such switch can extend the President’s term. This immediately alerts the so-called yellow stalwarts who are against the Du30-Marcos alliance.

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Fears on Constitution Change

Senator Pimentel floats the idea that the 6-year term of President Rodrigo Du30 may be extended “if necessary” during the shift to federalism. The opposition’s media immediately made this as the highlight of their news. Pimentel also slams speculations of a no-election scenario in 2019. This is when the federalism transition gets a nod this year.

No Extension Plan

The government spokesperson, Atty. Harry Roque clarifies to the public that the President has no plans to extend his term. In fact, he wants it to be shorter. However, past rumor resurfaces that Du30 wants Marcos to be Prime Minister. That can materialize the Du30-Marcos tandem even before the VP recount results.

A Good System

Bongbong Marcos thinks that federalism is a good system. When a local government has problems, it can’t collapse immediately. Besides, when it comes to the budget, it’s the leaders in each locality who know about their constituents’ needs best. On the no-lection issue, Senator Pimentel said: “What is important are the transitory provisions which will govern the terms and duties of those elected in the last election under the 1987 Constitution. We can shift to federalism and allow all scheduled elections under the existing constitution to go on and be held.”

Big Change

It is a common occurrence that the administration enemies would propagate that the reason for the constitution change is to extend the president’s term. This was the case with former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo with charter change. The only unique thing now is a Marcos’ possible return to power. Although he agrees with the system, Marcos also said in a previous interview that it needs further studies to determine when the Philippines can be ready for the big change.

Bongbong Marcos’ Premiership via Federalism Discouraged by Enemies