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Palawan, likely Battle Ground if China Conflict Escalates

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In previous interview with President Rodrigo Duterte with GMA, the president did mentioned that if war breaks out as a result of the South China Sea ruling, Palawan would likely be the battle ground which he certainly would not like to happen. However, despite being neutral for the time being – we can still be hit so we better be ready.

Duterte, earlier said that the Philippines cannot afford to go to war over the South China Sea, and would certainly exhaust all means like the bilateral talks with China, the ASEAN venuw and of course, updating the United States as we go along – to make sure that no misunderstanding can trigger the war.

The president said: “I assured President Obama that we will continue with our mutual interests and that we are allied with the Western World in this issue on South China Sea. But I gave him an inkling that, well, I would agree to just go with you but if it goes on still waters, I said, there’s no wind to move the sail, I might opt to go bilateral,” Duterte told GMA News reporters on May 18, recalling his phone conversation with Obama; as published by GMA News.


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