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Pangilinan Admits that Many People Like to Bully Leni Robredo


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Kiko Pangilinan cannot help but call on the people not to bully Leni Robredo with the impeachment bid lodged against her. Pangilinan is the Liberal Party President while Robredo is chair. This is a clear admittance that she really is the most-bullied politician not just via social media but also in both houses.

Youtube video from; PTV
[VIDEO]: VP Robredo, hindi natuloy ang pagsasampa ng Impeachment Complaint sa Kamara

Is impeachment Bullying?

Pangilinan calls on the people to be vigilant and to take action to prevent bullying. He said that to impeach the VP is an example of bullying. He said this after another impeachment complaint against Robredo is expected in the House of Representatives. No House member endorses the said complaint yet.


The senator says that to impeach Leni Robredo originates from thin air. It is baseless. Free speech in any way is non-impeachable. This is not what Atty. Bruce Rivera’s group thinks who ends up holding a press conference when no lawmaker made it in time.


Robredo’s impeachment complaint capitalized on her betraying the public trust when she sent a video message to the UN discrediting the President’s war on drugs with the wrong data. She never apologized for the mistakes but insisted that they are the truth even if they are proven wrong by legal sources.

Dismissal Forecasted

Pangilinan was confident the impeachment bid would progress in the House. “We are confident that the truth will prevail and ultimately the impeachment will be dismissed,” he said. If they only listen to the people, it is not impeachment that they want for Robredo – but for her to shed light on the alleged fraud that Liberal Party committed that allows her to win the VP race against the more popular, Bongbong Marcos.

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