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Paolo Duterte’s Eid Mubarak Message: All Muslims to Unite in fighting Insurgencies

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, the son of President Rodrigo Duterte’s joining Muslim brother and sisters in praying for a reconciliation among different Islamic groups to end conflicts in Mindanao – and this also goes to other parts of the world now under grieve threats by ongoing war and brutal acts of terrorism.

In this auspicious celebration of the first day of Ramadhan feast; Eid’l Fitr, all Muslims believing the Islamic faith is hoping for peace. “Eid Mubarak!” – May the Islamic faith be not used anymore in terrorizing innocent people. Paolo’s act signifies the first family’s leading all Filipino Muslims to fight those who put the Muslim faith in jeopardy – hence getting all the blame for the terrors around the globe.

In the past when Muslim groups in Mindanao were divided like the MNLF and MILF, they sided different factions; the Liberal administration and the Malaysian government who claimed to be the peace keeper – thus the reason for the past government in giving them benefits under the defunct Bangsamoro law. President Duterte prior to his inauguration already met up with leaders of both groups and asked for reconciliation and to unite in eliminating insurgencies in the country then added the Royal Sultanate of Sulu in the process that completed the Muslim population in Mindanao. His move was warmly welcomed by these Muslim groups and they are now in speaking terms.


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