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PDu30 Imitation: The Funny Truth About Yasay in his American Accent


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President as humorous as he is defended the debunked DFA Secretary Perfecto Yasay hilariously imitating his own American accent. He said that the truth is, during martial law, Yasay and other political escapees like Maceda seek refuge in America. He said that Yasay is his room-mate in college so he knows that he’s a real Filipino. Documentation is mixed up as people in asylum do not really have a choice but to take part in whatever arrangement that can support their stay in a foreign land. Yasay refuses to admit that he had an American citizenship once at the Commission on Appointments hearing.

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[VIDEO]: In his usual comedic self, President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday poked fun at ousted Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay’s rejection from his post by the Commission on Appointments (CA) for supposedly lying about his American citizenship.

The President’s Disclosure

Imitating Yasay, the president said; I don’t know what they accuse me of – it was a lie! The president comments that if it’s not a lie, why is he out of the cabinet? Then explains Yasay’s asylum story. He really did not have a choice – and he also did not say yes or no to the CA’s inquiry if he ever once an American citizen.

Not Answerable to Yes or No

Occidental Mindoro Representative Josephine Ramirez-Sato said of Yasay: “I would just want to categorically, again, ask him and for him to categorically answer ‘yes or no,’ whether at one point in time in your life, were you ever an American citizen? Yasay just can’t say yes or no during the confirmation hearing before the Commission on Appointments (CA) recently. Now we know the reason why.

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Not a Lie

Yasay’s constant reply is; “I have always admitted that I was granted US citizenship.” “I was granted US citizenship on November 26, 1986, but it is my position that that grant of US citizenship at that time was void ab initio from the beginning. This is on the basis of the explanation I have stated in my affidavit,” he added.

Always a Filipino

This is Yasay’s declaration: “I am a Filipino, I have always been a Filipino, and I have never been a US citizen. I continue to be a Filipino, so that’s the end of the story.” The US citizenship for Yasay is a mere legal means to acquire residency for his long stay in America. Never did he gave up his Filipino citizenship for the provision. But again, the law is the law. Sato explains that the US citizenship granted to Yasay was void ab initio according to his personal intention and not by any legal institution – thus resulting in his dismissal from the cabinet.

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