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PDu30 is not Alarmed over China War after Orders for South China Sea

China war

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

As the Philippine president is shying away from his usual cautious ways in dealing with China over the South China Sea disputes, he firmly directs the military to add more men to current troops in the countries’ territories. He plans for their developments to make them livable for soldiers and local fishermen alike. The president’s recent action worries China but PDu30 is not alarmed by the possibility of China war as peace aligns.

Youtube video from; PTV
[VIDEO]: AFP will improve PH facilities in South China Sea

China-Philippines Relations

China has expressed concern over Du3o’s directive to the military to allegedly occupy nine islands in the Spratlys which are already under the Philippines’ control. Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying voiced China’s concern at a press briefing as Armed Forces of the Philippines chief Gen. Eduardo Año disclosed the military’s readiness to carry out the president’s order. The plans to upgrade facilities on the said islands that are already occupied by the AFP will also follow suit.

China War Unlikely

Despite the tension between the US and Russia in Syria and the Filipino president’s asserting Philippine sovereignty in parts of the South China Sea, he is confident that China war is unlikely. This is because Japan, the US, and China including the Philippines are responsible enough to prioritize peace at the present time.

National Interest is a Priority

Senator Panfilo Lacson said that the new orders of the president can jeopardize with the efforts of the President to strengthen ties with China. The latter has been very aggressive in asserting its own claims on the South China Sea. He thinks that it is not wrong to assert sovereignty and territorial integrity that can take many courses of action. The president surely went out of his way to establish good relations with China, but at the end, national interest should always take the front seat, Lacson elaborated.

Sudden Shift in Policy

Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III fully supports the move of the president. Senate committee on national defense and security chairman Sen. Gregorio Honasan also said that the occupation of the islands that includes the installation of the Philippine flag on these territories is very Constitutional. There is nothing illegal or immoral with the leader’s visiting any part of the country and taking action to assert the sovereignty over these areas.

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