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People Can Attest that Ferdinand Marcos’ Golden Era was Real for Law-Abiding Citizens


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Current Philippine president Du30 declared martial law in Mindanao and now seeks for its extension. The military rule nationwide is not yet discussed but people who rebelled against the Marcos government are haunted by alleged abuses of the PC under former president Fidel Ramos. Despite the Liberal Party’s propaganda against martial law and the Marcoses, Du30 remains a popular president. There’s no panic or concern at all. The people’s pro-Marcos sentiments are even evident on social media especially the testimonies of the golden “agers”. They cannot be Trolls because they seem to last forever mostly with real identities.

Youtube video from; GovPH
[VIDEO]: Speech of President Marcos during the termination of Martial Law, January 17, 1981

The Reality According to the Golden “Agers”

Some people may still be under the influence of the Liberal Party media propaganda against the Marcos. Nearly 30 years after Marcos’s death, the true voice of the people overwhelmed social media in favor of the Marcos family. They themselves continue to correct the twisted views on history by the yellow rulers in the past 2 regimes. No one can dispute Marcos’ “golden age” in the Philippines because aside from government records, most of those people during those times are only in their late 40’s and above. They are alive and kicking with a very powerful tool at their finger tips to attack the biased mainstream media. Figures don’t lie as well. According to another recent SWS survey, 78 percent of Filipinos are satisfied with PDu30, a Marcos ally.

Supreme Court Gave Way to Martial Law

The Philippines Supreme Court previously upheld Du30’s imposition of martial law in Mindanao. It ends any claims from the opposition parties over its constitutionality. The president’s allies, who have a majority in Congress, overwhelmingly support martial law. Though opposition groups have organized anti–martial law rallies, mostly in Manila, they have done little to shake Du30’s goals.

Importance of Martial Law

Du30’s spokespeople say martial law is necessary to protect national security. They have repeatedly called for unity during the crisis and promised that the military would be kept in check. The AFP also swears to be vigilant not to allow military abuses from their side.

The Rise of Another Ferdinand Marcos

The president made it a point that the son of the namesake also called Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. or Bongbong Marcos assumes the Vice Presidency as soon as possible by not giving him a cabinet position as rumored earlier. He wants him to concentrate on the electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo who is from the LP. He said that he wishes to retire due to old age if Marcos is his successor. This is the reason why Gov. Imee Marcos, the president’s choice sister is now under attack by Liberal Party stalwarts in the Congress.

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