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People’s Wealth Are Safe At World Bank, PCGG Stole the Marcoses’ Inheritance?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Details of our research are getting exciting now that we know where the unexplained wealth of the people was. They are sitting at the World Bank with physical gold bar deposits shipped to around 150 countries for security purposes. Bill of lading under the care of Imelda Marcos, the government as the trustee through Central Bank and full beneficiaries are the Filipino people. So, why did the PCGG under past administrations sequestered Marcos’ possessions? Is it true then that they have stolen the former First Lady’s wealth?

Youtube video by; PINASWATCHER1

[VIDEO]: Manila, Philippines – Imelda Marcos claims she’s going broke. And she has the perfect solution: she wants her 15 billion worth of jewelry and paintings back.

PCGG was used to Discredit Bongbong Marcos

Marcos said during the Commission on Elections-organized vice presidential debate last April 10 that the government was hindering the release of compensation for human rights victims during the late strongman’s time. The PCGG denies this telling the people that, it was Bongbong Marcos “who prevented the early award of the Arelma funds to the Filipino people.” How could he when he does not have the rights to those funds?


More Lies  against the Marcoses

There was an apparently money-laundering attempt by a Marcos heir. It was reported by CNN that Irene Marcos-Araneta, daughter of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, recently tried to move her family’s supposed ill-gotten wealth — including at least $13.2 billion in a controversial account with the Union Bank of Switzerland account — into a newly opened account at Deutsche Bank, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported. The wealth of the people are intact and still in gold bars as witnessed by the World Bank.

Where are Imelda Marcos’ Jewelry and Paintings?

The former First Lady made a claim of her sequestered jewelry and paintings worth allegedly around 15 Billion Pesos. Why are these not returned yet when we already know that the people’s wealth are accounted for at the World Bank?

The Marcoses are Admirable Despite the Ordeal

The Marcos family is indeed humbled by their experience when all the odds are against them. They are lucky that they have a genius head of the family that protects them and the Filipino people even in the after-life. He made sure that the people will know the truth in the future. Legal documentations are set and protected by the laws here and abroad, even his own blood cannot amass the unexplained wealth. So, why are previous administrations anxious to take part in the Marcoses’ inherited wealth? Whatever they can access are theirs – the once they only have guardianship with are for the people. Their possessions must be returned because they are not the thieves – but the ones who took their inheritance away from them

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