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Most Personal Development Plans Fail – How much more Leadership Plans?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It’s a fact that most individual development plans fail. Therefore, that failure within oneself can also contribute to the failure of an organization because of the kind of leadership a group has. Do you know that a successful leader should start first by understanding his or her ego? This is just one example. There are more reasons why individual plans fail and you can read it from here.

Given that most employees appreciate development and organizations need to grow pools of talent, you could expect everyone to feel positively about the IDP process. However, the more I talk with individuals about the process, most see it as a paper-passing, bureaucratic practice with little real value. Worse, managers don’t see the process as doing much to really develop talent. For them, it’s another check-the-box exercise that siphons valuable time. But these aren’t the reasons these plans ultimately fail. Full story here:”>

Zenger Folman added: Some may believe failure occurs because employees don’t have time to accomplish their goals or lack a good follow up process. Others note terrible plans for development. These factors all contribute to the problem, but they are not the root cause.


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