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Philippine Alliance: Friendship with China and Russia does not make Philippines a Communist Country

Philippine alliance

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte campaigns for true democracy like during Ferdinand E. Marcos’ time. The late strongman fights communism effectively thus making him the enemy of such politicians who are into it – but disguised under the freedom of democracy movement like the EDSA Revolution in 1986. Now, the president continues the open relations with Russia and China then despise the U.S. for their ineffective agreements with the Phillippines commenting that for the last 400 years, it’s only America that benefits from the Mutual Agreement.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO] Just like the late Ferdinand E. Marcos, President Duterte opens the Philippines’ doors to China and Russia for trade, infrastructures, health, technology, science and even military exchanges – which has nothing to do with the realigning alliance, as far as foreign policy is concerned.

Deals with Russia Unlike the Mutual Agreement wit the U.S.

The Philippines starts to work on a memorandum of understanding for its improved defense relations with Russia but it will not affect its alliance with the United States. No alliance is discussed with Russia. It is a military to military cooperation. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said that what the country have with the new partner is not the same as the treaty with U.S. The Mutual Defense Treaty says that if we get attacked, they U.S. must help us. We don’t have that arrangement with Russia.

Russia Works with the Country despite U.S. Alliance

The Russians are ready to be the Philippines’ “new reliable partner.” However, they have no interest to interfere with the Philippines’ traditional partners. Part of the MOU includes the exchange of military personnel, sending observers to exercises, and also, holding joint exercises.

Duterte is into the Federalism, not Communism

Federalism is another structure of government following the democratic ideology. It is still democracy in the real sense of the world. The only difference is the two branches of the upper and lower governments – the one below is being divided into states for local officials to manage their locality based on its actual needs and situation

Democracy Remains regardless of Philippine Alliance

Duterte’s friendship with China which is also a communist country deals more on trade and infrastructure collaborations. The Chinese are supportive of the President’s illegal drug war, unlike the Americans. This is the start of the rift between former U.S. President Obama and Duterte. The Filipino president, however, is waiting for President Donald Trump’s moves on their foreign policy before he can decide on how to go about with the revision of the country’s laws with the U.S. Whatever the case maybe, democracy in the remains regardless of Philippine alliance.

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