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Philippine President Duterte showed Matrix hoping to finish De Lima – but he was wrong

Philippine President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s staging the matrix of Senator Leila De Lima’s involvement with illegal drugs trade at the Bilibid prison came as a laughing stack for many social media users – with one tracing the labeled dots to form like a panty leading the front area to Duterte who is acting like a jilted lover.

Duterte’s alleged verification of the “matrix” will nail the lady senator into the accusation that she was protecting drug lord in the Bilibid Prison for huge financial benefits. The president’s famous line was: “DE Lima, you are finished.” He also added; “I will show you, maybe this week the matrix— I’m just validating— the matrix of Muntinlupa connection. De Lima is there… It would show her role there,” he said. “I could not believe it.”

These words from the president actually reveals why they were doing the obvious character assassination on the senator – because it will be easier to accuse her of something when her reputation is already ruined. A lot of public mind conditioning are done here that only some of the Duterte supporters are happy wit it – the rest, totally disgusted. Analyze this; What is really sad for this country, here is a woman posturing [herself] to be a crusader for good government. But because she could not stop her immorality— well, to De Lima’s credit she is legally annulled like me and is a bachelorette— but her sex escapades led her to commit several serious violations of law,” Duterte said


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