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Philippine President Obsessed with his Campaign Promise that has gone out of hand


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte take pride not because he leads the country to peace and progress but because he is able to show to the world that he is tough enough to implement what he thinks what’s good for the country – and not listening to the peoples’ voices: Analyze what he said; “The fight against drugs will continue to the last day of my term,” Duterte said at Malacañang Palace. “The fight against corruption will continue for six years maybe. … Many will be unhappy, but I think the bigger picture is that I would have something to live by for my country.”

PNP Chied Ronald Dela Rosa said admitted in the senate probe that 300 of his men were suspected of involvement in the illegal drugs trade and he would immediately relieve them from their posts to be tried in court.

Bato as he is fondly called insisted that his men “follow the rule of law” and denied the shoot-to-kill order of the president despite the public witnessing Duterte’s order over and over again from the media that has reached the United Nations.

Dela Rosa mentioned that the police’s “knock and plead” campaign target is 1.8 million drug offenders surrendering to authorities in the next six months. This is quite tough but confident that they will achieve at least 60% to 70% of the indicated figure. So, with the Duterte administration, it’s all about what they want. Not the citizens’ welfare indeed!


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