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Philippines’ Natural Wealth Protected by Anticipated World War – America to pay the price

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The so-called oil crisis in the Middle East that is allegedly the reason why gasoline in the country is getting more expensive has actually no basis at all. Supply is not scarce but oil spills have been so ramphant that they put oil passageways into danger zones. Many prominent world leaders are covering up this serious issue as quoted:

“Obama and his senior White House staff, as well as Interior Secretary Salazar, are working with BP’s chief executive officer Tony Hayward on legislation that would raise the cap on liability for damage claims from those affected by the oil disaster from $75 million to $10 billion. According to informed estimates cited by Madsen, however, the disaster has a real potential cost of at least $1,000 billion ($1 trillion). That estimate would support the pessimistic assessment of Kutcherov that the spill, if not rapidly controlled, ‘will destroy the entire coastline of the United States.’

It added: “According to the Washington report of Madsen, BP statements that one of the leaks has been contained, are “pure public relations disinformation designed to avoid panic and demands for greater action by the Obama administration., according to FEMA and Corps of Engineers sources.”

World leaders responsible for this disaster knew that they will pay the price for the cover-up soon – that’s why they have no choice but to come to the aid of Philippines whenever it will go to war over the disputed oil rich areas being claimed by China and Malaysia away from the country as communicated with President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. This is to at least preserve the alternative producer of oil when Middle East supply got cut off should World War happens in the near future.


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