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Philippines Need More Ai-Ai to Solve Drug Addiction – Success Story of Jiro Manio


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Where would Jiro Manio be now without Ai-Ai de las Alas? Jiro via the facility’s “guided dialogue” portion of the rehab program, was able to open up about his feelings to a close friend who took the time to visit him. He is grateful of adoptive mother Ai-Ai for rescuing him from drug addiction.


Motherly love is Ai-Ai’s strategy in rescuing Jiro Manio from drug addiction. It is heart-warming to watch the story as it unfolds. The Philippines needs more Ai-Ai to be victorious in the war against illegal drugs!

Volunteering Help

Ai-Ai was the first one to extend a helping hand to the Magnifico actor after he was found homeless at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) last year. Many bashed Ai-Ai then saying it was for media publicity but she did not mind and continued helping Jiro.

Dealing with Depression

Jiro had to battle depression a number of times. According to his foster father, the chief reason why he felt depressed was due to the fact that his supposed meeting with his biological father in Japan failed to push through. Ai-Ai made that happen.

Rescue from Drug Addiction

Jiro cannot hide his emotions when giving thanks to Ai-Ai not because she helped him – but for rescuing him from drug addiction when he’s not himself anymore. How many people would do that to other people without blood relations? Jiro gained weight but feels safe completing his rehabilitation session.

How to win the Drug War?

Winning the drug war does not depend on the President alone. This is why public services must be prioritized by the government – to allow people to help others. How can one help other people when they can’t even help themselves?

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