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Philippines is now under International Criminal Court Watch

International Criminal Court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The International Criminal Court from the Hague is an independent body based in Netherlands. The Philippines is a state party since 2011. It is aware that the UN is watching the drug war killings in the country.

Youtube video by: ABS-CBN


Watch how the International Criminal Court has been alerted on crimes against Humanity in the Philippines.

Purpose of International Criminal Court

If there are human rights violations by leaders of your country, where can you seek for help? The International Criminal Court cannot bring to trial a nation – only individuals. This is for the protection of the populace. So, jurisdiction must be respected.

Senator Leila De Lima’s Announcement

On her speech in front of students and educators of her Alma Mater, Senator De Lima discloses that it will just be a matter of time before the ICC would determine if there’s probable cause of the reported extra judicial killings in the country against the government.

Palace Denies EJK Involvement

Malacanang’s spokeperson, Martin Andanar denies allegations stating that drug war killings are not state sanctioned. The rising vigilante killings are evident and the government is looking at it now.

Mutual Denial

President Rodrigo Duterte said that he has nothing to do with the extra judicial killings. He is willing to be investigated by any international entities. In fact, he already invited the UN to do so. On the other hand, Senator De Lima also denies his allegations that she is the mother of all drug lords and did not receive any drug money from drug lords detained at the Bilibid prison when she was Justice Secretary. Basically, it’s his words against hers.

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