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Philippines’ Readiness can turn nature’s rage into a beautiful disaster

beautiful disaster

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
No one can be ready when nature shows its utmost rage unto us. But having a disaster plan in place at least can alleviate sufferings during the aftermath.  Every Filipino can turn a calamity into a beautiful disaster by helping out. But the government has a vital role to fulfill as well.

[VIDEO]: Video shows Watch various disasters during calamities. Have we improved yet? It can never be a beautiful disaster when foreign aids come first before the national efforts are felt.

How to Turn Nature’s Rage into a Beautiful Disaster

Calamities might leave grievous damages to lives and properties but survivors can always rise up and start again. Human beings are vulnerable but the beauty is in the will to survive and help others make it, despite the risk of losing own’s self, sanity or life itself. This natural kindness is evident in most images of despair during the country’s worst disasters.

Quality Public Services for Deserving People

Most Filipinos do not ask much from the government. Depending on own ability and capacity is our pride. But mind you, it’s about time to ask where our taxes went. Basic public assistance like healthcare, disaster relief, education, and livelihood support must come first among others.  It’s only when these fundamental provisions are taken cared of that we can progress as a sound nation. Quality public services for the deserving people are a must!

Pains and Sorrows may Pass but the Heart Remains

Heart-breaking stories loom in every media avenues during the Yolanda and Ondoy disasters. For sure, they are not limited there. During these killer typhoons or tropical depressions, the world suffered broken hearts with the Filipinos. Watching faces of untimely deaths were unbearable. Yet, they must be dealt with head on.  Fortunately, those pains and sorrows ultimately come to pass and we can only learn. People must remind the government to put disaster plans in place now that the typhoon months are on the horizon.

Grateful for Foreign Aids but hoping for Fast Relief from the National Level

The Filipino pride was badly hurt when foreign aids arrived at the scenes of disasters first during the highly publicized calamities. Let there be no repeat on these ones. Such incidents portray the Filipino masses as very poor and helpless. Worst, neglected by their government. Let the officers whom you voted for serve you during trying times. Know your rights and remind leaders their priorities that can be felt by the public. Beautiful disasters can make us a great nation.

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