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Philippines is ready to make Miss Universe safe from ISIS threat

Miss Universe

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
A pro-ISIS social media channel shows a video on how to ‘create a bomb for Miss Universe,’ referring to the beauty pageant to be held in Manila in January 2017
Philippines tourism officials considered the threat by an Islamic State or ISIS-related group to destroy the Miss Universe beauty pageant by bombing it
“serious,” and assured the country and the delegates from overseas that they will be safe during their stay for the contest next year.

The lead of the threat came from a pro-ISIS social media platform traced by a terror-monitoring online system operated by the Intelligence Group. It showed a video on how to “create a bomb for Miss Universe, particularly an explosive belt used for suicide attacks” depicting this prestigious event to be held in Manila in January 2017.

The same threats were received during Pope Francis’s visit last year, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit but the intelligence groups were already manning everything long before the event took place and full security measures were implemented by the military. Those were good portfolios for the Philippines to host the Miss Universe pageant because of the country’s readiness since terrorism can happen anywhere.

There are reports however that rebel groups from the country’s south have already pledged allegiance to ISIS, who are focusing on raising ransom from kidnappings.


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