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Philippines’ war with China will be bloody if they choose to invade than cooperate

War with China

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is hoping that the friendly relations with China will continue and they will not give a hint to invade use or “it will be bloody” if bilateral talks fail and they will try to invade the country’s territories. As he disclosed recently: “But I am sure, I guarantee to them that if you invade our country, it will be bloody. And we will not give it to them easily. It will be the bones of our soldiers, and you can include my own,” Duterte mentioned this while addressing Jungle Fighters in Camp Capinpin.

As of now, China “seems to be conciliatory” after Philippines got the favorable ruling on the West Philippine Sea or South China Sea dispute. He explained; “Whether we like it or not, that arbitral judgment would be insisted [on] not only by the Philippines but by the whole countries in Southeast Asia. Everybody is affected,” he said, citing Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.

He did not forget to point out also that the United States was pressing for Philippines to insist on the enforcement of the ruling. “But we will chart our own course to the national interest of this country,” the Philippine President said.

Despite the hesitations in the past, he said firmly that Philippines is to defend its sovereign territories should they be under threat of invasion. “We will not allow any country to bamboozle us. I will not allow [it],” he said. “So it’s up to China.”

Building rehabilitation centers within military vicinity and to take part in improving armaments against drugs for the country as offered by China were appreciated – but they should not be conditions to dishonor the ruling. In any case, Duterte is not closing the door for war with China if they become unjust with Philippines.


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