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Philosophy of Creating Systems by David Jenyns of Melbourne SEO Services

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
David Jenyns of Melbourne SEO and Melbourne Video Services shares with us his philosophy of creating systems and processes within his businesses, to free his time to be more innovative and to have the business functioning without him. Listen to this InnovaBuzz podcast by Innovabiz episode here:

The way you do what you do, is the most valuable asset in your business! You can get really emotional when time and money is linked into something. If you’ve done all the pre-thinking before and you’ve got a plan, it makes it much easier to just follow the plan and replicate positive results. All businesses are founded on systems and processes and if you can figure out what makes a business tick, then document those processes, you can get other team members to step in and take over. The big thing about systems is making sure they’re uniform and they have a set flow and structure so that when any team member starts, every system they just get because it follows the standard setup for your systems. Once you get that structure, you want all your systems to follow that process, it makes logical sense that you create a system to create systems. If you start with that system first, it makes it very easy for you to share with other team members and make sure that they all follow the same process.

Cultivate focus and become very good at having a single focus point at any one point in time. If you’re working on a particular something, a part of your business, try and turn a lot of the other areas off as you really focus in on that.s.


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