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Pitbull’s Bad Raps Work on Store’s Advantage

Pit Bull

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

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[VIDEO]: A huge Pit Bull in the store would surely scare bad elements away. But for the dog lovers, it’s an instant celebrity!

Some detractors would love to see Pit Bulls gone. They used to be so popular. They divided the nation – when it comes to their preservation. They fought to the verge of death with opponents in the dog fighting rings. But they never did turn against their handler. No matter how abused they were. Their human owners or masters are considered part of their pack. They are the most loyal.

Looks Alone cannot Identify a Pit Bull

Pit Bull

DNA analysis by Dr. Victoria Voith and many other organizations has proven that dogs identified as pit bulls are often a mix of multiple breeds. Breed identification by appearance alone cannot be accurate. It is in fact, misleading. They are identifiable only with fixed genetics, behaviors, and features.

Misunderstood Pit Bull Name

Pit Bull

The pit bulls known today may have the pedigree as American Staffordshire Terriers, can also be Staffordshire Bull Terriers and the legitimate American Pit Bull Terriers or APBT. Recently, American Bullies are also called Pit Bulls. Whichever definition or registry you prefer.

Animal lovers know that these dogs that fall under these labels are well-loved. They are maligned by some misinformed people only when called Pit Bulls. They fill our shelters that remind us that they are what we’ve made them be.

Old English Bulldogs are not Pit Bulls

Pit Bull

The old English bulldogs used in 1835 for inhumane bull baiting, They look very much alike with Pit Bulls. Since bite inhibition towards humans was encouraged for gamblers’ defense, Pit Bulls are hated the same as the “man biting” Bulldogs.

American Influence

Pitt Bulls were introduced to America when immigrants brought them along with them as prized possessions. There were valued for much more than just fighting dogs. They protected homes from predators. Many also worked as family farm helpers. Most of all, they were constant companions to both the young and adults. Pit bulls did not just become nanny dogs but also earned their place as important part of the nation.

Media’s Educating the Public

Media frenzy gave this sweet and gorgeous breed of dog bad raps in the past. Continued education on the true nature of this breed is now being campaigned by concerned animal lovers. This will not be possible without the help of the media. Celebrities and politicians also came out into the limelight with their beloved Pit Bulls. They are not anymore the symbol of abuses. But the ambassador for peace and love. It turned out that the public in general, has a lot to learn about pit bulls!

Social Media Heroes

Thanks to people like the Pit Bull owner in the store featured in the video. He contributed in correcting the misconception of the breed through social media. He has proven once again that with obedience training and proper nurturing, a Pit Bull is a “star”.

Sources: Pixhder/ Youtube


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