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PM Resigned as British voted Brexit to be Poorer

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The division among British voters to leave or stay in the EU is even more escalated after BREXIT finally won. It was however easy to campaign on its withdrawal because majority thought that it was pure common sense – to not be responsible anymore by the plight of illegal migrants who have been bringing chaos to the country and worst, these unwanted foreigners became the beneficiaries of the taxpayers money.

However, the action of British Prime Minister David Cameron says it all. He does not want to be responsible of his people’s choice to be poorer. Come to think of it – when the U.K. got out of the laws and responsibilities of being under the European Union, they became alien as well from the usual international benefits that came with it – like the massive investments from European countries.

The division is even more visible among the “wanted” migrants. As the immigration sector is busy sending letters to legal migrants to leave the country immediately or the authorities will apprehend them, the medical, elderly and the hospitality industries are also in turmoil to find alternative personnel at the same wage level.

So, where’s the common sense then? Needless to say, the confusion might take many long years starting from the plunging of the pounds – but in time, the United Kingdom will definitely get things right. Perhaps by then, they can already weigh the pros and cons of being a part of a strong union – that include not only what they are gaining from it but also what they should give in return – where tolerance to the less privileged than them is highlighted that can be handled internally by a government that can be accountable.


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