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Political Dynasties not just Binay: Foundation of Politics as in Duterte and Marcos’ Era

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Duterte’s ambitious plans like the return of death penalty, smuggling and drugs interventions plus the shifting to federal government system would not be possible if politicians remained loyal to their political party. He would not have enough support in Congress and would face impeachment worries should the sudden shifts did not happen. It’s crucial that Duterte gains majority in both houses to support his out-of-the-box strategies; according to Koko Pimentel, who’s vying for the Senate leadership.

The constitution after the 1986 revolt that toppled Ferdinand Marcos was changed to encourage additional parties and limit the president’s term to six years to prevent dictatorship. Nonetheless, last minute party shifting made powerful oligarchs and political dynasties to dominate again.

Outgoing President, Benigno Aquino who is the son of Corazon, former president and wife of Liberal leader Benigno Aquino Jr., whose party was founded in 1946 by former President Manuel Roxas, grandfather of Mar Roxas who was defeated by Duterte in the recent election. That did not stop there – supporters of dynastic politicians include tycoons Eduardo Cojuangco Jr. and Manuel Villar, who are at Duterte’s back continue to strengthen their influence with their strategic alliances. So why was outgoing Vice President Jejomar Binay criticized on this when almost all of powerful leaders are products of political dynasty? Not to mention Grace Poe, a newbie who aspired to be President.


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