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Powerful as Marcos: Duterte got Supermajority in Government’s 3 Branches

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s acting tough is not anymore just his personality but he has all the rights to implement his ways now that he gained the supermajority in all 3 branches of government without much civil society resistance.

He is not far behind the best President the Philippines ever had, according to him which was no other than the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos – who was discredited by the media propaganda launched by his political enemies for alleged human rights violations during martial law and even tagged as “dictator” by biased giant media here and picked up by some unsuspecting press bodies abroad.

The difference is, this time martial law is not necessary to realize Duterte’s intended change to Federal government due to the supermajority build up in those 3 branches that were the result of many Liberal Party members turning their backs on Pnoy’s failed “Daang Matuwid” in favor of Duterte’s Coalition for Change.


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