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Presentation Tips by Rand Fishkin that will Blow your Mind

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Today’s esteemed guest hardly needs any introduction. But here goes anyway!
Rand Fishkin is one of today’s digital marketing celebrity who have been looked up to by many online players. He came up with the very popular Whiteboard Friday video series that quickly became a digital household name. He is known for turning audience in industry conferences into drooling, raving fans who got synchronized with his wit, and he a;ways dominates every conference speaker leader board he happened to participate in.

I wanted to find out the secret sauce, so I sat down with Rand to get his most prized, valuable tips for creating memorable presentation experiences for any audience. And in this episode, he brings absolutely mind-blowing techniques for creating presentations that wow audiences and deliver insane value. Whether you’re running small internal meetings or delivering a keynote at a huge conference, these tips are priceless. Check it out here:

Lea Pica added: Sometimes you want to represent many components of an idea or process but don’t have time to take the audience through each one. Rand creates a slide with the initial concept in the middle, and then rapidly animates in all the components around the center one after the other.


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