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The President would Rather do a Ferdinand Marcos Governance than Cory Aquino Betrayal


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Foreign journalists may not know how Filipinos really feel about outsiders or traitors inside to tarnish the name of their President using the false reports on extra-judicial killings. It is pathetic to say that Du30 plans to extend his rule using a military form of governance. His declaration of martial law in Mindanao is the same as the intention of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. That is to save the country from insurgents and terrorism. Unlike the late Cory Aquino who freed all these criminals because they were in alliance with his husband, Ninoy Aquino, a Marcos rival.

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[VIDEO]: Activists march towards the Philippine Senate in Manila to protest the President’s proclamation of martial rule in Mindanao

Marcos-Style Approach

Du30 has become more focused on a military solution just like Marcos because he knows the problem in Marawi very well. The Philippines’ military needs to fight off the IS-related gangs and only through the imposition of martial law throughout Mindanao can make this successful. Insurgencies in the Philippines spread all throughout the country because of the late President Cory Aquino’s innocence in governance. In times of conflict, she was useless. Her late husband was actually the founder of these insurgent groups. This was to destabilize the Marcos regime.

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Rebel groups multiplied. There are genuine Islamic State zealots in the Philippines. There are also others operating under IS and Abu Sayyaf banners. Their main aim is kidnap for ransom. Extreme radical groups under the IS increased in size at the expense of the main Muslim representative group the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. The peace process under Aquino’s son, ex-President Noynoy Aquino was disrupted by Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and Bongbong Marcos. They both claim that the provisions there are anti-Filipinos and Pro-rebels which is a clear betrayal to the Constitution.

Real Situations

Suspicion arises among anti-administration people that Du30 uses the Marawi incident as an excuse for the broader application of martial law. In 1971, Marcos declared martial law after the Plaza Miranda bombing. It was aimed at a rally of his Liberal party opponents. He suspends the habeas corpus, thereby enabling detention without access to judge or court. This became the prelude to martial law in 1972 and the canceling of the 1973 presidential election. However, that cannot be done at this time because the constitution is already revised. The Congress and the Supreme Court can now out-vote martial law.

Accusations with No Basis

It is a pity that some foreign media could just write news and documentaries as they please without digging into the real situation. These journalists are grabbing the Filipinos’ rights to be heard in the international communities. No wonder, mainstream media in the country is already good as dead. People resort to social media because that is where they can spread the real news as they happen. It is just a matter of statistics right now. So far, Marcos wins via social media and the Liberal Party’s bet, VP Leni Robredo can soon be ousted therough his electoral protest.

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