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President Retaliates to ISIS’ Terrorism Challenge with Harsh Martial Law

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The terrorists who display the ISIS flag along the streets of Marawi irks the president’s decision to put his well-known iron hand into it. They are noted to be in connivance with the Maute group in Mindanao. Du30 swears not to have mercy unto them and follow what the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos’ moves in the past. Martial law is back. He vows to protect and save the country from the destabilisation efforts.

Youtube video from; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday said the martial law in Mindanao will be no different from the martial law period during the time of President Ferdinand Marcos, saying he will deal harshly with terrorists.

Cutting Trip Short

The Constitution says that initial period must not exceed 60 days. Any extension is subject to Congress’ approval. Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella earlier said it would last 60 days. But that can be extended indefinitely once it gets the nod of the congressmen. This is not a problem for the president when it comes to the House of Representatives. His super majority still rules. 

Martial Law Limits

The 1987 Constitution highlights the role of other branches of government in the martial law declaration. The provisions are meant to prevent grave abuse. Thus within 48 hours after its declaration, the President shall submit a report to Congress. The declaration can also be revoked if Congress votes for it without the president’s control through his allies.

Supreme Court Review

The Supreme Court reviews the basis of its declaration. As a separate branch and co-equal of the executive office of the government, it can contest its existence if necessary. That serves as the security for unlawful or misjudged people not to experience extreme abuses from the military.

Action to Watch

Most Filipinos are relieved that finally, Mindanao is already under martial law. It’s actually still under the state of emergency but that doesn’t seem to work. Terrorists or rebels at the same time test the president’s patience. Collateral damages are expected with this development. It is certain that detractors will use those to discredit him just like what happened to Marcos But if the popular leader thinks that it’s the answer, the people trust him to make them safe.

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