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The President Tells People to Let Robredo Be – But she’s Bad for Tourism


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President rejects threats to impeach Leni Robredo for criticizing his war on drugs. Perhaps that would be too much just for harping the president. However, it is evident that her behaviors really affect the economy. Tourism Secretary, Wanda Teo with due respect to Robredo explains that she has difficulty promoting the country as a tourism destination if blatant speeches like what she sent to the UN continues.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo calls on Leni Robredo and the media to slow down on extra-judicial killing reports. (Clipping from GMA News)

Not Isolating Robredo

Wanda Teo made sure that Leni Robredo is not isolated with her warnings. She calls on the Vice-President and the media to refrain from making exaggerated claims over their networks or speeches on the alleged extra-judicial killings because they scare off tourists. Such activities are indeed very bad for Philippine Tourism.

Input from the Lower House

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez threatens to file an impeachment complaint against Robredo. This is allegedly for betraying public trust due to the video message she sent to the United Nations. It is very critical to the administration’s drug war. Some information is even incorrect according to the Philippine National Police chief Bato Dela Rosa. As a government official, maybe it is just rightful for Robredo to correct her mistakes in the same audience.


Negative Tourism Effects

Teo adds that because of what Leni Robredo did that has very negative effects on the country’s tourism, her team carries a heavier load to do their duties. Come to think of it, if one is in Wanda Teo’s shoes, here you are telling the international community how great it is to have fun in the Philippines – and there’s the Vice President contradicting it by saying that the Philippines is a gruesome killing field. Who is doing her job and who is guilty of economic sabotage?

Tolerating Robredo

In the part of the president, he’s also not into the position to ride on to the impeachment complaints against his VP. Or else, he can be accused of using his power to get rid of a political opponent. His tolerating Robredo is not at all siding her. In fact, he joked that if she wants to be president quick, she better marry him so that they can share the power. This is really the brutal truth implying that Leni Robredo is far better off managing a home than a country!

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