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Presidential Independent candidate Evan McMullin offers self as alternative for Trump

Evan McMullin

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
As one of the greatest critic of trump and a co-Republican, former CIA agent Evan McMullin has announced an independent presidential bid – basically as an alternative to Republican nominee Donald Trump. He is also the chief policy director of the House Republican Conference – and is supported by an anti-Trump group within the Republican community. It may be tough for him to pursue his goals after announcing his candidacy only 3 months before election and without his party’s resources but he believes that “It’s never too late to do the right thing”.

He also thinks that America deserves much better than what Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton can offer that’s why he’s nominating himself as a leader who can give millions of Americans a conservative option for President.

McMullin is expected to file his candidacy on Monday under the group Better for America that had been searching for an independent presidential candidate counteract against Trump.

McMullin left the CIA in 2010 after 11 years of service before working for Goldman Sachs. He became a senior adviser on national security for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs in 2013 and subsequently became the chief policy director of the House Republican Conference and still with the party although he can only run as independent since the Republicans nominated Trump for their presidential candidate which he greatly opposed. He is only 40 years old.


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