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The President’s Diversionary Tactic: Former Senator Bongbong Marcos or Mayor Sara?


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Elena Grace Flores

President Duterte wants his daughter, Davao Mayor Sara Du30-Carpio, to succeed him in 2022 says the headline of one publication. “I couldn’t find any other better candidate than Sara to become the next president,” the President said. In an earlier interview, he disclosed that if only Bongbong Marcos or Senator Alan Peter Cayetano is his VP, he already resigned because he’s too old for the job. This inspires Marcos to focus on his election protest against Leni Robredo.

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Not a Bigot

“And one thing about her is she is not a bigot,” he said about his daughter. She is a strong woman, he said. Mayor Sara is also a lawyer and knows the law very well, he added. Du30 also recounted how his daughter terminated the P49-billion reclamation project proposed by developer Mega Harbour Port and Development Inc. of Regis Romero II for Davao City’s coastal areas a year after she signed the joint venture agreement for the project.

Strong Woman

He said Sara would never allow anyone to get material from Mt. Apo only to be used in the reclamation project. No matter how small it is. “See, if you allow anyone to get material from Mt. Apo there will be a landslide,” he added. Mayor Sara was in the headlines when she punched a court sheriff who refused to delay a demolition in Barangay Agdao. The mother of three was then in her first term as mayor.

The Mayor’s Punches

She asked the court sheriff earlier to delay the demolition of a property. She was still in another part of Davao City attending to the victims of a flash flood the night before. But when she arrived in Barangay Agdao, she got so mad at the sheriff for starting the demolition and for refusing to follow her plea. She punched the sheriff not once, but thrice.

Bongbong Marcos as Successor

Currently, Marcos’ loyalists stage another prayer vigil to hopefully speed up the upcoming recount proceeding. He is likely the immediate Presidential successor right now. The President is a very deep person. One must know his ways to understand anything that he says. Ample research is needed to make sense of his statements. For now, his actions do not contradict his earlier statement on Marcos as his preferred presidential heir. Senator Alan Peter Cayetano could be another choice but he is not in a position legally to inherit that. When it comes to his final decision, it must be one that is in line with the constitution.

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