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Pro-Administration 2-Day Prayer Vigil at Luneta Turns into a Celebration of Freedom in PDu30’s Favor


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The supporters of the President initially stage a two-day prayer vigil at the Luneta Park from February 25 to 26 to show their relentless support to the leader. Officials from the MRRD-NECC, defend the chief executive from a rumored ouster plot. They urged the people to support PDu30’s advocacies. Bobby Brillante of the said group explains that although not intended, their rally that coincides with the EDSA revolt anniversary is a blessing in disguise. EDSA complements the gathering because People Power is supposedly a celebration of freedom. They want to make sure that freedom and democracy continue under the leader who is voted for by the majority of Filipinos.

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[VIDEO]: On rumors of an ouster plot versus the President: supporters believe “where there’s smoke there is fire”.

Support the President’s Initiatives

The group claims launches the ‘People’s Support on Duterte’s War Against Illegal Drugs, Corruption, Criminality and Poverty’ at Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City earlier prior to the big gathering at Luneta. They aim to show that many people are behind the president.

Over One Million People Expected

MRRD-NECC organizers expect around one million people from various pro-Duterte groups, but not limited to – from different provinces in the country to show up. After 7 pm, the estimate is close to 500,000. The Philippine National Police National Capital Region Police Office, however, has lesser count.

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Davao and Cebu Mirror the Event

In other places, pro-administration rallies also mirror the one in Luneta, particularly in Davao City and Cebu. Organizers said the Freedom Rally Against Crime, Corruption, and Drugs is meant to counteract the EDSA demonstrations noted as “anti-administration” or critical of the current leadership. Spotted during the event in Cebu is PBA star Dondon Hontiveros, who said he is supporting the President. The Cebuano relatives of PDu30 from Danao City in Cebu also joined the activity, pledging that they are always behind him.

Destabilization Plot Discouraged

Organizers also emphasized that the activity is meant to back up the President amid destabilization plots against the administration. Aside from the motorcade, the group also provided free T-shirt printing with designs inspired by Du30 and Philippine National Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa. Many supporters also brought their own plain shirts and had them printed with the said designs in Cebu. On the other hand, a concert by different artists goes on until the next day in Luneta.

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