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Why Are Pro and Anti Bongbong Marcos Supporters Alarmed by the President’s Health Status?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Anti-administration politicians are keen to find out if the President’s health is deteriorating, or not. This is after he missed the Independence Day celebration at Luneta. His spokesperson explained that the leader has to rest due to over-fatigue. He had sleepless nights ever since soldiers started to die in the Marawi clash because he made it a point to console their grieving families personally.

Youtube video from; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Malacañang says President Rodrigo Duterte went on a second consecutive ‘rest day’ Tuesday to help him recover from his ‘brutal schedule.’

Brutal Schedule

President Du30 had a second consecutive “rest day” on Tuesday, June 13. This is to help him recover from his “brutal” schedule, spokesman Ernesto Abella said. He also added that the Filipino leader was still having “private time” a day after he skipped Independence Day rites at Rizal Park on Monday, June 12. This is due to fatigue from his tight schedule, he explained.

No Pretense

The 72-year-old President openly complained in the past of several ailments. However, he was confident that these are normal for someone his age. Cabinet officials pointed to his busy schedule as proof that he’s physically fit to carry out his responsibilities as the country’s top executive. Du30 said that younger presidentiables like Bongbong Marcos and DFA Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano are good to lead the nation in times like this than an old man like him. 

Anti-Marcos’ Concern

It is very obvious that the Anti-Marcos politicians specifically the Liberal Party members are digging it deeper to know the real score of the President’s health. If he really has a life-threatening condition, they probably want it to be known this early. That would give them an alibi to push for his direct successor to take charge of the presidency. Next in line is Leni Robredo whose VP win is challenged by Bongbong Marcos in an electoral protest.

Pro-Marcos’ Fear

It is the ultimate prayer of the Marcos supporters that the President can hold on to his post longer.  This is because the electoral protest can take a long period of time to be resolved. This is the very clear reason why the Martial Law propaganda continues these days. It simply would like to repeat history where the older Ferdinand Marcos suffered so much public scrutiny that basically resulted to his stepping down from his position to save the lives of his dear countrymen contrary to what revengeful historians wrote in their memoirs.

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