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Pro Marcos Urged Bongbong to File Electoral Protest ASAP

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Pro Marcos groups initiated by Copa’s Pastor Boy Saycon and followd by Filipinos in Paris, France showed their disgust over the dirty and dishonest election last May 9, 2016 – and protested for the people’s rights to be exercised fairly and squarely.

However the Marcos camp was hesitant as per lawyer George Garcia message via CNN that although the senator was seriously considering filing an electoral protest based on evidences they’re gathered which showing the over 3 million “undervotes” — and collection of sworn affidavits for almost 30 CCS (canvassing and consolidation system) pulled out by Comelec that were altered at a Sta. Rosa plant then replaced due to its high cost.

Marcos will be spending between P30 million and P50 million Pesos – but for the sake of the Filipino people who were robbed of their basic rights to vote and the country in general, that amount is nothing. So trusting that Bongbong Marcos will now follow the beating of his name….Bong… Bong; it’s time!


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