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Few have been Prosecuted in Sydney for Cyber Harassment via Facebook


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There are millions of perpetrators online for harassment, and now at least in the person of Zane Alchin of Sydney is among the few to have been prosecuted – and the victim owe it to a media campaign that helped in convicting him.

Normalisation of violence against women are really scary and damaging. This can be during ‘playfully’ telling a woman to better stay in the kitchen, every time one is smacking a girl on her behind just because it’s funny, every time anyone makes a rape joke regardless of he’s the country’s president, purely contribute to a society where women are not safe.

The victim fully documented and reported Alchin’s comments to police. He was sentenced to a 12-month good behaviour bond at the Downing Centre court in Sydney, although the judge clarified that his threats did not mean that he can actually do a rape.

A United Nations report in 2015 stated that 73% of women worldwide have been exposed to or the target of cyber violence. 18 months since then, online abuse involving women, during wake of the murder of the British MP Jo Cox, – has come under much more sensitive policy making.

however, in many parts of the world, there are more talks about how to stop cyber crimes but little has been done about it. It’s about that that social media use will be scrutinized by the government to come up with laws that will protect women and children as per Australia’s example.


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