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Psychic who Predicts Bongbong Marcos’ Victory Warns of Nuclear War


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Elena Grace Flores
Psychic Gurmeet Kals who predicts that Bongbong Marcos’s VP recount victory brings prosperity to the country, warns of an upcoming nuclear war. War of words ignites World War 3. That obviously refers to the exchanges of words between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un.

Youtube Video by; The Economist

[VIDEO]:  North Korea claims it can now launch missiles that can hit anywhere in mainland America. But in 2018 could the war of words between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump spiral into nuclear catastrophe?

Psychic Gurmeet Sees Devastating Effects of Nuclear War

Gurmeet sees the nuclear launching strongly from a deserted place. Images of flying people from burning skyscrapers and fire bricks that signify the sun are in his vision. It feels like the end that can last for two and a half months. Survivors take its toll for seven years and six months. Then, a modern era rises after 21 years of rebuilding, he publishes.

Softened Prediction

The prediction of Nostradamus about the nuclear war also mentions the war of words like Gurmeet’s and the battle of powerful countries. However, China, Russia, and North Korea are not any more closely knit to each other against the Americans. The Chinese already have enough of Pyongyang that they closed the China-North Korea friendship bridge. Russia is also furious of the latter because their nuclear testing ground is very near the Russian border.

The Philippines in a Different Light

Other members of the Marcos family aside from Bongbong are about to join the political ladder as predicted by Gurmeet. The Philippines may be seen in a different light at this time. Governor Imee Marcos of Ilocos Norte is a prominent bet. She may run for Senator in 2019. President Du30 always have a high regard for her. Both Bongbong and Imee were in the President’s delegation to China. It was to strengthen bilateral relations with them. The same as during their father’s era. China plays a crucial part in taming North Korea as it’s main energy supplier. The Philippines actually balances the US-China relations for neutrality over North Korea.

Prepare for Nuclear War

Japan is currently the subject of North Korea’s fury as the US’s closest ally. North Korea has fired an intermediate-range ballistic missile that flew over Hokkaido twice before landing in the northern Pacific Ocean. The US, South Korea, and Japan started joint exercises to track missiles from North Korea. This follows the nuclear-armed Pyongyang’s longest-range test launch to date. The trilateral drill comes less than two weeks after Pyongyang test-fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile or ICBM. North Korea declares that it achieves nuclear statehood, escalating global alarm over its weapons push. America warns the world to prepare.

Psychic Sees Bongbong Marcos in Powerful Position Connected to No. 1