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Public Services Enhanced at Binay Country while Fear Loomed Nationwide

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Makati remains to be a Binay country when 18 out of 20 officials of Makati City who took their oath of office on the occasion were from Team Binay. Makati residents are proud to have proven to the whole world that Makati City is, and will always be, a Binay Country despite massive media propaganda during the past elections.

The people of Makati would not have voted for Team Binay in the last elections if thieving in the city government really happened as alleged by Jojo Binay’s political enemies. It’s only one place in the Philippines where quality public services are operated like in the private sector. Users of these facilities regardless of social standings are addressed as mam or sir – and far from being treated as underprivileged citizens of Binay Country because even the poor there are privileged enough to have those medical, educational, emergency and livelihood assistance – not to mention the Senior Citizens and PWD benefits.

As the 10 instances of graft and corruption allegedly committed by former Vice President Binay while he was still mayor of Makati died down, the whole country is being terrorized not by any other insurgents but by the new President’s anti-drugs campaign that got out of hand. The government supported by the PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa vowed to continue the killings of suspected drug criminals when needed just to meet the 3 to 6 months deadline of President Rodrigo Duterte’s boastful promise to eliminate drug-related crimes in that short span of time. It will not be surprising that once again, Makati would lead the establishments of rehabilitation centers that the government should prioritize to address the problem.


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