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Race against Time: Bongbong Marcos Cabinet Installation vs Leni Robredo’s Presidency

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Many dramatic events unfold in the current political scene. While the president prepares for a cabinet position of Bongbong Marcos as early as May 2017, the Liberal Party factions is also racing against time in trying to impeach the president so that their own Vice President Leni Robredo becomes the president. Will the people allow this?

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Cabinet Post Planned right after the President’s Inauguration

Bongbong Marcos said early on that he and the President discuss the possibility of his working with the administration after the one-year ban on appointments of unsuccessful candidates expires. Marcos said this was among the things they talk during a four-hour meeting at After Dark Restobar in Davao right after President Digong’s inauguration.

People Power Anniversary

The present administration already announces that the 31st-anniversary celebration of the 1986 People Power Revolution is small this year. The venue is inside Camp Aguinaldo instead of along EDSA road. It should be a symbol that Filipinos already moved on from the incident that topples the Marcoses. However, the loyalists of the president are campaigning for a huge gathering at the Quirino grandstand on Feb 25, 2017 to support his anti-illegal drugs and poverty war.

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Character Assassination and Impeachment Plan against the President

The Liberal Party players are pushing very hard to discredit the president using the talkative senator Antonio Trillanes IV who is out of the prison for the libel case that former Vice President Jejomar Binay filed against him. The hearing on Davao death squad that allegedly happened when the president is still the mayor of Davao is also intensified to have a ground for impeachment against the president.

Double Time

Both camps of Bongbong Marcos and VP Leni Robredo seem to be doubling their time to get the edge on who’s going to be the next president. Robredo is already in the VP seat so, if something happens to the president, she has the great advantage as his successor. Whereas, Bongbong Marcos has to win the electoral protest to save President Digong. Rumor has it that he’ll soon become DILG Secretary while the electoral protest against Robredo is ongoing.

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