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Rebellion Using the Church: VP Leni Robredo Backs CBCP to Speak Out against the President’s alleged Reign of Terror


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines or CBCP issues a letter to their churches that is read during Sunday masses. , The letter encourages victims of the President’s war on drugs to speak out against the alleged President’s reign of terror. This is supported by Vice President Leni Robredo who said that Digong’s criticizing the church does not help the country.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: “Magtulungan imbes na mag-iringan.” Iyan ang panawagan ni Vice-President Leni Robredo kasunod ng banat ni Pangulong Duterte sa Simbahang Katolika. Bukas naman sa dayologo ang ilang opisyal ng Simbahan sa Palasyo.

Wrong to be Silent?

Robredo is a notable opponent of the administration’s war on drugs. She comments that Filipinos chose to be silent because of fear that they can also be in danger. The alleged over 7,000 people killed in the antinarcotics campaign is the manifestation that people need to speak out, she added. Is rebellion tolerated by the church? Isn’t it better to offer counseling and assistance for drug addicts if the CBCP and the VP really want to help?

Reign of Terror?

Robredo reiterates that the CBCP’s call to stop “reign of terror” might inspire Filipinos to oppose the war on drugs. She confirms her message of support to the priests as well in black ad white saying that she is enlightened by the CBCP letter. She felt it in her heart that she is not alone in her quest. So, it is clear that the president’s political will to attain peace and order is referred to by the Vice President as a reign of terror. Truly, they cannot work together. They have different mindsets.

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The Church’s Lapses

It is not surprising that many Catholics are easily convinced to transfer to a different religion because of the lack of display for positive attitudes or the beatitudes in the Christian faith; humility, compassion, merciful, peacemakers, good-hearted, righteous, poor in possessions and the thirst to find the truth seems to be omitted in the Pastoral letter. They urge their patrons to show their power, dominance, and hard-headedness just to be superior.

Treatment to the Late Marcos

The CBCP together with Vice President Robredo also attack the late Ferdinand E. Marcos’ burial, the smaller EDSA revolution celebration, and mostly anything that the President launches for the good of the people. However, this negative side of the opposition serves as the way to show the positive side of the Marcoses. Gov. Imee Marcos for one is humble enough to admit that the Marcos regime is not perfect. The Former First Lady Imelda Marcos also shows her love of beauty more than lamenting over the sequestered wealth by the PCGG. Most of all, Bongbong Marcos displays his abilities to be a worthy president of the Philippines in the near future as endorsed by the President himself.

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