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Recorded but not felt: Crime rate is down 49% just like Pnoy’s Surging Economy rate


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The number of crimes allegedly recorded as of last month nationwide dropped by about 49 percent compared to last year. This is what Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa announced recently.

“This only goes to show that most of these crimes that are happening in our communities are drug-related. That’s why when we focused our resources and attention on the drug problem, crimes also dropped,” Dela Rosa said at Camp Alagar.

However, just like the former President Benigno Aquino III or Pnoy’s press releases, they are far from what the people felt. Hearing gun shots in once peaceful neighborhoods and killings by robbers and other petty crimes now come very handy for criminals in connivance with the extra judicial killing inspiration triggered by the President’s war on drugs provision itself.

The PNP Chief even boasted; “This campaign is just starting,” Dela Rosa told the police officers and personnel which is a proof that when leaders are already seated, they are bound to fail in listening to the people’s true sentiments. The air must be different from up there.


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