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Recto: Duterte’s Martial Law Bluffs are Like the Barks of a Dog that Seldom Bites

Martial Law

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Ralph Recto gets it right this time. He assures the public that President Rodrigo Duterte’s fresh martial law threats,  is just part of his “oratorical repertoire.” “His bluster should be likened to a dog that always barks but seldom bites,” he said.

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[VIDEO]: President Rodrigo Duterte threatens to declare martial law if the situation turns ‘virulent.’

No Basis for Instant Declaration of Martial Law

It is true that there is no basis to declare martial law at the present time. Rebellion is tamed. No foreign army invades our shores. Crime is down and the people are safe in their homes and communities.  Recto repeats the President’s somewhat boastful disclosure of the Drug War successes.

The Meaning of the President’s Martial Law Scare

Under the present constitution, the President cannot declare Martial Law if there’s no direct threat to the government and its people. Yes, nobody can stop him from declaring Martial Law if the situation comes to that. It is his duty to defend the country. Only the people who plan to overthrow him and the criminals who should be afraid of the threat. It is a mere warning to those who plan to destabilize the government and terrorize the people.

Real Enemies of the People

Recto believes that joblessness, hunger, poor social services are the real enemies of the people of the Philippines. These cannot by suppressed by the armed forces. So, Martial Law is not relevant to the present situation. As the president said, “If” the situation on the drug war turns “very virulent” is when he can declare Martial Law.

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Duterte Just Explained How Marcos Saved the Country

Duterte can only declare Martial Law immediately if he needs to save the country – just like what the former late president Ferdinand Marcos did. This can’t be wrong for voters who believe in the democracy concept that the majority wins.

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