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Relationship Measure Separating Mediocre Leaders From the Brightest and Best

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Human existence will never be possible without connecting from one another. people who can relate to others much more than their peers are the ones who are likely to be successful in any venture that they involve themselves in. However, there are specific factors that influence the rate of success depending on these measurable acts of positively relating to others:

There are three items we use to measure relationships:

1. Balancing results with a concern for others’ needs,

2. Being trusted by other members of the work group

3. Staying in touch with issues and concerns of individuals in the group. See full story here:

According to Zenger Folkman: Our data showed that leaders who excelled in these areas were able to develop more positive relationships and in turn significantly improve employee engagement, retention, and discretionary effort. Continued on


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