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Repeat of Plaza Miranda: The President Warns of Sabotage on Sept. 21 Anti-Government Rally


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

On August 21, 1971, at the Liberal Party campaign rally in Plaza Miranda, the square became the scene of two simultaneous grenade attacks. This was considered as the most blatant assault on free speech. Many quarters believed it to be masterminded by the late President Ferdinand Marcos. It led to increased opposition to his administration. The same coalition stages another protest of such kind on Sept. 21 in Luneta which coincides with the Martial Law declaration under Marcos. The President declares it a non-working holiday for government students and workers for their safety.

Youtube video from; Philippine Government Media

[VIDEO]: President hints on possible sabotage against the government’s campaigns from drug war fatalities to Trillanes’ allegations just like the late President Marcos’ time.

LP’s Dirty Technique

The Plaza Miranda event itself guaranteed that democratic rights at the time were respected by ex-President Marcos. This is similar to Du30’s move in declaring Sept. 21 as the National Day of Protest. However, just as when Senator Gerardo Roxas, Liberal Party President, was proclaiming his party’s local candidates for the City of Manila, the grenades exploded.  Among those seriously injured were: Roxas, Osmeña, Senators Jovito Salonga, Genaro Magsaysay, Eva Estrada-Kalaw (Nacionalista guest candidate of the LP), and senatorial bets John Henry Osmeña and Ramon Mitra, Jr. Three months later, the polls resulted in a Senate sweep by the Liberals, with only two Marcos allies making it into the winner’s circle. The President’s alter egos. Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile and Secretary of Labor Blas Ople were among the losers.

National Day of Protest is for the People’s Safety

Roxas blamed the late President Marcos responsible for the attack at Plaza Miranda. Du30 is very much aware that it can happen again knowing the nature of the yellow faction. Thus, the declaration of the “National Day of Protest” on Sept. 21 which is for the people to exercise their constitutional rights to freedom of speech, peaceful assembly and to seek redress for their grievances against the government, past or present.” No one can accuse the President anymore in suppressing these rights. But the choice is up to the people. They can stay home to be safe or be one of the insurgents if ever.

Rally Safety Measures

Law enforcers are under strict orders to stay away from mass actions and to exercise maximum restraint. They are only to intervene when the rally becomes violent. Emergency assistance near protest sites is also installed just in case. The President’s major concern is mainly for the people’s safety. If this turns out bloody beyond the authority’s control, then it must be a sabotage.

Drug War Sabotage Indications

Du30 speculates that a possible sabotage is happening when it comes to the drug war. All killings related to it or not are now blamed to his tough order for the policemen to defend themselves when their life is at risk while arresting illegal drug offenders. The series of teenager killings where one’s head was covered with masking tape is highlighted in the propaganda of the “Tindig” coalition’s call to join the said event. 3 of these killings also follow the same pattern to discredit the police force.  They are all OFW children, owns a store, and good-looking. These are enough to trigger a public outrage.

New group seeks end to drug war

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