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Restarting before Resetting is advised to correct iPhone

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
An iPhone like any other gadget can get stuck up, freeze or let’s say malfunction at any given time. Refrain from resetting first. in many instances, all you need to do is restart it. This is a recommendation of Apple that must be followed to avoid unnecessary hassle.

Restarting your iPhone – just like restarting a computer often fixes problems, restarting your iPhone sometimes works wonders: Press and hold the sleep/wake button. Read more or check the process directly from source: continued: A red Slide to Power Off slider appears on the screen.
Slide the red slider to turn off the iPhone, and then wait a few seconds.Press and hold the sleep/wake button again until the Apple logo appears on the screen.If your phone is still frozen, misbehaves, or doesn’t start, do a force-quit: First-generation iPhone or iPhone 3G: Force-quit by pressing and holding the Home button for 6 to 10 seconds. iPhone 3GS or 4: Press and hold the sleep/wake button until the red Slide to Power Off button appears, and then release the sleep/wake button. Don’t drag the red slider. Instead, with the red slider still on the screen, press and hold the Home button for 6 to 15 seconds.


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