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Rising Star of Asia: Businessmen first, Filipino Masses last

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senate President Franklin Drilon was not wrong when saying that the achievements of Pnoy’s administration cannot be felt by the masses because of the poor conditions of basic public facilities. He indirectly admitted that the outgoing government failed in doing their basic task – which is to provide quality public services.

It may be true that 7 million Filipinos upgraded their lifestyle but the food-based poor people remains at 11 million. The country may be number one in Asia in terms of gross domestic product at 6.9 percent – but what does it mean to people getting hungry while lining up long hours in the streets just to get transport going back home from work to save money on daily sustenance?

No matter how many businessmen could attest that the economy is indeed getting better during Aquino’s term, there is no guarantee that their profits are passed on to their workers. The Rising Star of Asia title really could not justify why Pnoy chose to take care of businessmen first and put the Filipino masses last?


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