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Robin Padilla totally supports Duterte – but bashed after asking to preserve rights of fellow artists


  • welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
    Robin Padilla, a popular actor and known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte is not safe from fellow Duterte supporters after asking a little consideration to preserve the rights of showbiz people involved in the use and trade of illegal drugs. He had difficulty answering the interview for his views on the subject – but reiterated that the president is doing these things for us and whatever his moves are, we can just accept in his case or reject to others who have different idealism.

    He also cannot speak for fellow artists to convince them to all have drug tests because it will be against their rights. He only asked for a little consideration not to disclose the lists of showbiz people involved yet before dialogues on their wrong doings with the government agency concerned.

    Robin also believed that Duterte’s conflicts with the UN and Senator De Lima will be resolved based on evidence, so probes can go on to hopefully know the truth.


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