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Robredo Absorbs Marcos Stigma Like the Reattached Arm of MRT Victim


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Elena Grace Flores

By accident VP Leni Robredo emerges into power after the mysterious death of her husband. However, the obvious digital fraud during the 2016 election made her the balancing factor of the Marcos stigma. Her slim victory of only a little over 200,000 votes did not help either. In fact, it becomes the gauge that the alleged Martial Law atrocities have no more effect on her rival, Bongbong Marcos. Surveys in her favor become unbelievable. So, even if the recount favors her, she is likened to the unfortunate ordeal of Angeline Fernando. She fell into the railway tracks of the MRT’s Ayala station on November 14. Her right arm was cut off, although it was sewn back successfully, it can’t be as normal as before.

Video by; Philippine Government Media

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos questiond VP Leni Robredo’s SWS survey results.

Fast-Shifting Surveys

Bongbong Marcos earlier commented in an interview that the contradicting survey results which are just a week apart can only trigger confusions. This is seen as a destabilization propaganda by many. Some kind of mind-conditioning effort to compare the President’s performance with the Vice President which is a no match thing.

MRT Victim’s Positive Development

In a positive light, surgeons successfully reattached the severed arm of Fernando. Transportation Undersecretary Cesar Chavez said that 24-year-old Fernando’s operation is successful. She is under observation at the Makati Medical Center.

Emergency Medical Bill

Kabayan Representative Ron Salo, who files House Bill 4955 that seeks to create a national emergency medical services system, said he would move to rename the proposed law’s short title. “The Dr. Charlie Jandic Emergency Medical Services System Act of 2017” is to be the full title. This is once the House committee on health tackles the measure. Jandic, an intern at the Chinese General Hospital, assists Fernando all throughout her ordeal.

The President’s Hand on Marcos’ Protest

It is evident during the ASEAN that Robredo had no official function as the second highest leader of the country. Political analysts see this as a manifestation that the Du30 administration is confident that she won’t survive in the political scene. The President’s fondness over  Marcos can’t be denied. However, the ruling on the electoral protest against her can’t happen that quick as Du30 tries to adhere to the law. Just like Jandic’s role in the life-saving procedure. People can just shout for recount to help facilitate that at the soonest possible time. Robredo could end up like an imperfect hand if not dysfunctional if she stays.

VP Leni Robredo should Devote Time for Election Protest after not having Official Functions

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