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Robredo Attacks Online Do not Fade Away because She Herself Keeps on Repeating Them


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It is a common knowledge among reputation management experts online that bad issues online when ignored die a natural date after they fade away. This is eventually not the case with Vice Pesident Leni Robredo. She keeps on saying that she ignores all lies about her but she talks about them repeatedly in her speeches. Naturally, they thrive in her disadvantage.

Youtube video by; Thinking Pinoy LIVE
[VIDEO]: Thinking Pinoy says VP Leni Robredo was not prepared for #NagaLeaks of We Are Collective Expose.

Robledo Blames Her Mistakes to Trolls

She quotes that now is the time to initiate a campaign against lies. Alternative facts also displease her. She addresses a forum on social media at the Cebu Eastern College.Robredo urges them to gather as an army of truth seekers. She believes that there are many trolls. But certain that there are more people who want the truth.

Alleged Illicit Affair

The Vice President even uses rumors about her with malicious speculations of a romantic affair with a congressman or her being pregnant again. She denies that she has nothing to do with alleged plot to oust the president but she bravely incite rebellion by urging people to speak against the campaigns of the president. It is evident that she herself is spreading her own lies if they really are because of events like this one.

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Lies Become Truth

No lie can even become the truth if it really is so. The truth always prevail as they say. It’s true that trolls and misinformation exist in social media but they are very seasonal. Wrong news cannot survive that long because online networks like Facebook, Linked, and Twitter ban them after several reports. Search engines are also very strict in banning websites that do not follow the online rules.


War Against Trolls Backfires on Robredo

To declare a war against trolls online is very shallow for a Vice President. She and her team no matter how many they are able to recruit would never be successful in covering up the sentiments of the people. The attacks against her flourish because many people hate her – and she should start looking at this truth at the quickest possible time.

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